Partial stroke testing, otherwise known as PST, is an established technique, which looks to improve the functionality of a final element assembly in the Oil and Gas industry. Here, MGA Controls explains more about the partial stroke test for a solenoid valve, a procedure long established by leading manufacturers, Maxseal.

What is partial stroke testing?

Partial stroke testing is used to determine the functionality of an assembly in a demanding industry. The PST allows an operator to demonstrate that a component can work to a minimum performance level when required and operate on demand.

After working for many years in the Oil & Gas industry, the Maxseal brand have drawn on their 3 years’ technical market research which allowed them to produce the ICO4-PST, designed specifically for integrated partial stroke testing.

Partial stroke test procedure

There are four partial stroke test procedures, which will be chosen depending on the desired outcomes of the test. It is the decision of the operator as to which test will take place, and will depend on the desired outcome of the test. Partial stroke test procedures include:

  • Mechanical Jammers
  • Pneumatic valve positioners
  • Electrical relay systems
  • Electronic control systems
  • Integrated solenoid valve systems

Partial stroke test solenoid valve: ICO4-PST

The ICO4-PST, manufactured by Maxseal, was manufactured based on the market leading ICO4 solenoid valve. This high-performance valve brings peace of mind to operators, who can be safe in the knowledge that their components are functioning safely in emergency shutdown systems. The ICO4-PST solenoid valve represents a step change in engineering offering levels of safety and reliability never seen before.

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