MGA Controls stock a vast array of valves which are available on next day delivery, amongst the extensive range we now have a range of Plug Valve which have been approved to BS 5158 standard.

We are pleased to announce that the Val-Matic Cam-Centric® eccentric plug valve not only meets the BS 5158 standard for the water industry, it also meets WIMES 8.09, making the product a quality, trusted choice for your water and wastewater application.

Val-Matic Plug Valve

Why choose a Val-Matic Plug Valve?

  • Grit-Guard™ Shaft Seals protect bearing journals from ingress of abrasive media providing extensive trouble free performance.
  • Consistently reliable and accurate when controlling fluids
  • Reduced potential for cavitation
  • No contact with valve seat during modulating operation, meaning torques & wear are minimal
  • Whole life cost savings

WATCH our water and wastewater technical expert explain in more detail the approval behind the wastewater Val-Matic plug valve.


Features & Benefits of the Val-matic Plug Valve

  • Shaft Seal System: enhanced design of V-type packing systems to reduce wear and prevent over tightening of the follower.
  • Grit-Guard Seals: Prevents wear of bearing and shaft seizing by minimising contact with grit (or other media).
  • Packing overload protection (POP) Shims: Prevent the packing being over-tightened – reduced maintenance and allows for easy adjustment.
  • Cam-Centric Bearing Package: 316 stainless steel radial upper and lower bearings – heavy duty, stainless steel and permanently lubricated for extended life.
  • V-type packing: Self adjusting and replaceable whilst under pressure – easy maintenance and reduced down time.
  • Cam-Centric heating system: A resilient faced plug and rubber lining ensures a tight seal and long life.
  • Welded Nickel Seat: The plug valve’s nickel seat is robotically machined onto the valve body for a consistent and high quality weld – increases valve reliability
  • 100% Port Areas (on standard Plug Valves): Increases flow and reduces headloss – reduces operating costs.
  • Plug fully encapsulated: Resilient facing to ensure tight seal and long life

MGA Controls has an experienced technical team who are available to assist with offering solutions to your applications. To speak to one of technical engineers call 08444 501123 or email