Engineer onsite

As part of our internal technical development programme we ask our experienced Product Development Managers to complete ‘Field Diaries’, documenting the common application questions that they are frequently asked by engineers onsite.

This is also great information to share with our customers!

Can you size a plug valve based on flow characteristics?

Given the required ranges of flow rate and permissible head losses we can accurately predict the open position of the Val-Matic ‘Cam-Centric’® eccentric plug valve and actuator. This allows us to quickly and accurately size valves and help with pipework design whilst taking into consideration swaging factors. The correct sizing of a valve ensures better control of the media, greater efficiency of the process and in certain cases improved protection of the associated pipework and instrumentation.


Val-Matic Plug Valve

In-House Technical Expertise

By providing specific technical support and assessing system flow rates at the early stages of the design of a plant, pipework sizes and pumps can be identified early on. This can result in significant savings in time, resources and ultimately money before a tender is even released.

To learn more about how we size our Val-Matic Plug Valves WATCH this video with MGA Controls Technical expert, Jason Dean.


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