Asco Numatics have a full range of solenoid valves and pressure operated valves specifically designed to deal with Hot Water and Steam.

These specialist Solenoid valves and Pressure operated valves have specific designs, which allow them to deal with high pressure, high flow and high temperature in the most severe hot water and steam applications. Some examples of where these rugged, Direct-operated and Pilot-operated solenoid valves for Hot water and Steam may be used are laundry, dry cleaning, moulding, steam baths, sterilisers and autoclaves.

The designs of specialist solenoid valves for Hot Water and Steam are outlined below:

Heavy duty piston design:
Lightweight stamped, brass or stainless steel pistons give all round support to the resilient tight sealing discs. This design provides a long, trouble-free life even in stringent steam service applications.

Pilot operated hung diaphragm design:
With this Solenoid Valve design, the diaphragm is mechanically connected to the core making the valve operates from zero. This design allows for control in low pressure, high flow systems

Straight through slide disc design:
This Solenoid Valve design has a Direct-Acting, self cleaning slide construction with a guillotine type disc. This design minimises pressure drop and turbulence through the valve.

Y-body floating piston design:
This valve design provides high flow with relatively small orifices and extremely compact mounting dimensions, these solenoid valves only need small pressure differentials to operate.
Miniature core disc design:
A small sized Direct-Acting Solenoid Valve with stainless steel seat, offering a long continuous cycle life for use in severe steam applications.

Heavy duty piston controlled designs:
This Solenoid Valve design has a pressure controlled spring loaded piston actuator, which ensures safe closing. These Solenoid Valves are suitable for handing high pressure and high flow steam applications.

Please see our product pages, Solenoid Valves for Water and Solenoid Valves for Steam if you have need for these rugged, resilient Solenoid Valves for a Steam or Hot Water application. We have the technical expertise and knowledge, as well as a large range of stock – we are therefore confident we can find a solution to the most demanding of applications.