Article: Solenoid Valves Vs Ball Valves with Spring-return Pneumatic Actuators

Applications: Process control applications where media is controlled in isolation

Solution: Buschjost 2-way Solenoid Valves


  • Easily adjustable switch position
  • Fluid tight seal spatting detection system from Valve internals
  • ATEX approvals available
  • Quick operation – better than Spring-return Pneumatic Actuators
  • Position feedback capability inbuilt
  • Significantly lower lifetime running cost due to lower energy usage

A bit about the product…

The current Buschjost range of 2 way solenoid valves includes options for position indication switches for applications up to 25Bar working pressure (16Bar 200 deg C on steam) with threaded connections up to 2” or flanged up to 4” DN100. The Buschjost range of Solenoid Valves can be described as “second generation switch systems”. The original units were simple mechanical reed switches detecting the presence of a magnet within the solenoid core assembly, but it was found that the performance and reliability could be significantly enhanced by moving to the current design using magnetic inductive switches.
These Solenoid Valves are excellent when plant operators are trying to balance increased performance and lower energy demand in their systems.

Typical applications are those where feedback and reliability are key requirements, some examples are:

  • Fire suppression manifolds
  • Chilled water distribution systems
  • Isolation valves in diesel supply lines
  • Generating sets and steam distribution systems

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