Resources and environmental systems used in the water industry are under increasing pressure. To ensure we are able to fulfil the vision for sustainable water now and in the future, it is important to understand the true value of the resources available and to align the overall economic, social and environmental goals.

To achieve the goal of sustainable water systems, Ofwat (the Water Services Regulation Authority) has set out a strategy to work towards this vision. Ofwat is a non-ministerial government department, established in 1989, responsible for the economic regulation of the privatised water and sewerage industry in England and Wales.

One of the key things in achieving a sustainable future in the water industry will be the contribution and involvement of the water companies in helping to save energy and ultimately reduce costs to the end users as well as increasing the efficiency of their processes.

Ofwat have encouraged water companies to take responsibility for wider social, economic and environmental impacts of their activities whilst continuing to meet customer needs and maintaining high quality standards. The regulatory board has also outlined key sustainability principles for companies to work towards. These include:

  • Supplying safe and reliable water and sewerage services for consumers that minimise impacts on the environment
  • Ensuring that consumers continue to be treated fairly, receiving a level of service that consistently meets their needs
  • Maintaining financially robust sectors that are able to meet consumer needs at a fair cost
  • Utilising the best information available to support decision making

In working towards a more sustainable future in the water industry, the Val-Matic Surgebuster is suited to almost any water regulating application and has been proven to reduce energy costs up to 50% in water applications. With a shortened disc stroke and angled seating of the valve, the Val-Matic Surgebuster only has to travel 35 degrees to closure, making it the fastest-closing valve in the market. Furthermore, the unique, patented disc accelerator positioned inside the valve away from the flow path, helps to close the valve efficiently and quickly.

The Val-Matic Surgebuster has now been installed in water utility companies across the UK and has been effective in helping these utilities to meet their energy and innovation targets for working towards a sustainable future.

At MGA Controls we have a long-standing partnership, experience and technical expertise in supplying Val-Matics products to the UK water industry. For any enquiries or advice on your water management needs, call our experts on 0870 803 2001.