PST de-sludging; the process whereby settled solids within sewage is pumped out of the Primary Settling Tanks at the first stage of wastewater treatment, has been a long-standing problem for UK water companies. Current methods of pumping out the settled solids result in valve and pipework blockages which often involves weekly maintenance and regular episodes of downtime.

MGA Controls Ltd had a solution to this problem in the form of their ‘Swing-Flex’ Swing Check Valve. For more information, visit our ‘Swing-Flex’ Swing Check Valve page.

The innovative design of the ‘Swing-Flex’ check valve has a contoured body which allows for a smooth flow path. This means there are no snagging points or sharp edges for solids to build up from and cause blockages. The ‘Swing-Flex’ is designed to cope with high flow rates and produce minimum headloss. The valves come as standard with Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating, a non-stick coating which is proven to be more effective than Teflon.

A major UK water company decided to give the ‘Swing-Flex’ a try. Their current application involved RAM pumps with 2 ball valves on the suction side and 2 ball valves on the discharge side. They installed the Val-Matic ‘Swing-Flex’ at a test side which was notorious with de-sludging problems; 1 Val-Matic ‘Swing-Flex’ swing check valve was installed at either side of the Ram pump.

The valves were installed in September 2012 and to date the application has not suffered one blockage, whereas sites with ball valves installed at either side of the Ram pumps requires weekly attendance due to valve blockages.

The Val-Matic ‘Swing-Flex’ check valve offer the following benefits to de-sludging applications;

  • Significant reduction in maintenance costs associated with un-blocking.
  • Cost savings due to only needing 2x ‘Swing-Flex’ check valves as opposed to 4x ball valves per pump.
  • Reduction of obstructions within the flow path.

To understand more about the technical features of the ‘Swing-Flex’ check valve, see the bullet points below or visit our Swing-Flex check valve page:

  • Ductile iron body and Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating internally & externally.
  • Buna-N fully encapsulated steel and Nylon reinforced disc.
  • No weight & lever; The Memory-Flex hinge provides the closing force (generally less than 0.5 secs).
  • No snagging or leakage points.
  • Designed and proven for vertical and clog-free operation.
  • Maximum velocities up to 4.57m/s (15ft/s).
  • Half the head loss of typical weight & lever NRV’s.
  • Valves certified to BS EN 12334;
    • Interchangeable with BS 5153 face-to-face.
    • PN 16 BS 4504 flange connections as standard.