ValMatic and The SURGEBUSTER Check Valve…Read on to see how MGA Controls Ltd, ValMatic’s exclusive UK and European distributor, specified their check valve as a solution to a common problem experienced by engineers and consultants in the water industry.

 The following information was taken from an industry news site

A call was received from a prominent consultant looking for a solution to a noisy problem.  The call was in regards to a helipad in the middle of an off-shore wind farm which received water from 1 of 2 pumps 12m below water level. The water was distributed through 2” nozzles and a 4” line from two 3” combined vertical rising mains.

All pipe work was in stainless steel which suited the environment and the pumps delivered water to the nozzles with a pressure of up to 8 Bar and a flow up to 1200 l/min. 

With such a flow rate, high supply pressure and 12m head, the specified and fitted Dual Disc Check Valves were never going to be responsive enough to prevent a surge, pressure spike or be without slam. When it came to commissioning the project they were rejected.

However, MGA Controls Ltd had a solution to this problem…in the ValMatic Surgebuster Check Valve. The Surgebuster is designed specifically for vertical and high head applications and is the only solution to completely overcome slamming, water hammering or surges caused by reverse flow.

The Surgebuster achieves rapid closure through a short disc stroke of 35° and adjustable Disc Accelerator. The short disc stroke is less than half the typical 80° to 90° stroke of a conventional swing check valve. It is achieved by placing the valve seat on a 45° angle while maintaining a full flow area equal to the mating pipe. The Disc Accelerator is a precision formed stainless steel mechanism that closes the valve disc rapidly thus avoiding slamming by flow reversal and yet allowing the disc to be stabilised under flow conditions. The accelerator is fully enclosed within the valve and completely out of the flow path.

The two 3” Surgebuster Check Valves supplied in Stainless Steel with closing accelerator and massively reduced headloss across the valve provided the solution the end user was looking for. 

The benefits of using ValMatic’s Surgebuster Check Valve in your application:

  • Reduced cost
  • Low head loss
  • Special flow characteristics