A major UK water utility company was experiencing serious problems with their wastewater check valves installed at one of their sites. The site had 3 x typical wastewater weight & lever style check valves installed, mounted horizontally. The weight & lever check valves were failing regularly due to excessive wear and slam. Furthermore, valve hinges were leaking, dry wells were flooding and pumps and pipework’s were repeatedly blocking. These problems resulted in extraordinarily high maintenance costs and time.

So what is the solution to overcoming the problem of water slam and excessive wear of valves and pipework in wastewater applications?

The Val-Matic Swing-Flex check valves were installed, along with backflow actuators to back flush the pumps.


Valmatics Swing Flex Check Valves
200mm (8”) Swing Flex Check Valve

  • FBE Coating Internally & Externally
  • Buna N disc
  • PN16 flange
  • BS5153 face to face

Back-Flow Actuator for 8” SFCV

  • Aluminium Bronze

The Swing-Flex check valves are performing without fault and are preventing slam. After 12 months of operation, following installation in May 2012, there have been no occurrences of valve, pump or pipework blockages and no unexpected maintenance has been carried out.

So why is the Swing-Flex check valve so effective at preventing valve clogging?

  • The Swing-Flex swing check is a resilient hinged check valve, with no exposed components within the hinge and the integrated and fully encapsulated disc forms a single component. The benefit is that the simplistic design offers no points of purchase for material within the media – meaning no snagging points.
  • The contour of the Swing-Flex’s body allows 100% flow area to minimise headloss- a 4” unit will allow a 3” solid to pass unhindered whilst the raised 45° seat reduces the likelihood of solids becoming trapped between the seat and disc.
  • The Swing Flex’s innovative disc design and domed access port allows the flow of sewage to ‘self-flush’ any potential clogs before they form.
  • The Non-stick Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating (which comes as standard) prevents the build-up of material within the valve ensuring consistent performance and maintenance free life.

If you would like to know more information about the Val-Matic Swing-Flex swing check valve, or would possibly like to trial the product in a real-life application – get in touch now! Read the features and benefits of the Swing-Flex Check Valve in our article.

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