Here at MGA Controls we have gathered the Top 5 application stories featuring our range of valves, controls and instrumentation and the problems they solved last year…

Solution #1

Hobbs Valves installed in harsh chemical application in major Petroleum company in Oman

A major petroleum company in Oman, The Occidental’s Mechanical Vapour Compressor (MVC) facility were experiencing severe wear on the valve seats and discs of the standard buttefly valves they had installed in their plant. This was due to the harsh chemicals the plant was using to treat water. With the help of Hobbs Valve in the UK, MGA Controls, specified Hobbs Valve 8” Triple Offset Butterfly Valves in Super- Duplex 6A stainless steel. The operation of Hobbs valves is such that contact of materials is only made at the last possible point in the valve movement – The two sealing components only come into contact at the final 0.01 degree of valve movement. Hobbs Triple offset butterfly valves and their innovative metal-to-metal design, successfully overcame the problem of excessive valve breakdown at Oman MVC.

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Solution #2

Val-Matic Surgebuster Check Valves overcame water slam or water hammer at an offshore wind-farm.

Val-Matic Surgebuster check valves were installed in an offshore helipad application with high flow rate, high pressure supply and a 12 metre head. With very noisy and damaging water slam occurring regularly, the dual disc check valves fitted were not up to the task! MGA Controls Ltd supplied Val-Matic Surgebsuter check valves to overcome the problem of water slam. With a spring-assisted disc accelerator and a 45 degree angled valve-seat, The Surgebuster is designed specifically for vertical and high head applications and is the only solution to completely overcome slamming, water hammering or surges caused by reverse flow.

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Solution #3

Watson Smith’s I/P converters as a solution to regulating furnace temperatures in a Power generation application.

In fossil fuel applications, it is essential to ensure appropriate electronic control of the plant processes at the interface of the control system. When a furnace is fired up, the temperatures are held high throughout the day and night, even with no or minimal throughput. Cycling of furnace temperatures can invoke stresses on the furnace metal work and associated piping. To protect the plant from such variations a ‘failfreeze’ control mode is often required. Failfreeze I/P convertors can be installed in the control panels in and around the furnaces. The 422 I/P convertors provide closed-loop stability with a ‘failfreeze’ function and have been proven to perform very well in the harsh operating conditions. These devices regulate the air flow into the furnaces via dampers and thereby provide a safe effective electronic control system for the power station.

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Solution #4

Buschjost Pilot Operated solenoid valves in laundry application

The Buschjost 2/2 solenoid valves are perfect in textile applications where linen and cloths need to be folded precisely and speedily. 2/2 Solenoid valves can be installed to control the air operating the folding mechanism. In such applications, reaction and response times of the valve are important, usually they need to respond under 25 ms. Control over the operation is essential, as the fold needs to precise, in the middle of the linen. Buschjost solenoid valves lend themselves well to applications such as these. With manual override, and low power consumption, the valves offer a low-cost, easy-to-handle, effective solution. With a larger orifice port and high-pressure capabilities, the solution offers a high flow rate. A fabric diaphragm handles the high cycle demands of such an applications well.

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Solution #5

Val-Matic Swing-Flex check valve as a solution to valve, pump and pipework blockages

It is a very common problem in waste water applications to experience blocking of valves and the associated pumps and pipework. This is because the design of a typical weight and lever swing check valve has multiple ‘snagging’ points where material can get caught and rags can build up.  This prevents the valve from sealing and fails to prevent back flow of the media nor does it protect the pump from high surge pressures – a check valves’ primary goals! The Swing-Flex check valve overcomes these problems – the resilient hinged check valve, with no exposed components within the hinge and the integrated and fully encapsulated disc forms a single component.  The benefit is that the simplistic design offers no points of purchase for material within the media. The body is 100% ported and a 4” unit will allow a 3” solid to pass unhindered whilst the raised 45° seat reduces the likelihood of solids becoming trapped between the seat and disc as can be found with a typical swing check or ball check.  Also since the valve is fully opened at lower flow rates there is less restriction allowing the media to pass more freely.

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