Most people don’t realise the importance and extensity of shut off valves. They are a common application used in homes and businesses across the whole of the UK. They are designed for the safe management of liquids, gases and air for use in many hydraulic, pneumatic, instrumentation and aerospace applications. Therefore, understanding their uses and choosing the correct shut off valve for your application is imperative. As official UK Norgren distributors, MGA Controls has an unrivalled knowledge of Norgren Excelon shut off valve uses and can help you discover the benefits of choosing the correct shut off valve.

What is an air shut off valve?

Shut off valves come in many shapes and sizes and are commonly used as a safety function. They quickly stop the flow of gas, water or air, usually from reaching a specific application, or part of an application. This provides protection against potential destruction to people, equipment or the environment. Air shut off valves are highly important, especially in relation to maintenance.

The air shut off valve is indispensable when carrying out any kind of pipe or application maintenance. The valve is used to shut down a section of a pipeline so workers can have undisturbed access to pipes or machinery further down the line. This is where the air shut off valves comes into action, preventing the gas from escaping and causing harm or damage. Read on to find out about MGA Controls selection of air shut off valves.

Norgren Excelon shut off valve uses

Here at MGA Controls, we offer a wide range of Norgren products, the T74 series – Norgren Excelon shut off valve being one of the best on the market. The T74 Series from IMI Norgren is a 2/2-way or 3/2-way shut off valve to suit air preparation assemblies in the Excelon modular range.

Shut off valves in air preparation assemblies are primarily used for isolating compressed air systems that are not in use. They are easy to operate and are lockable in the closed position, which prevents any unwanted tampering with the units. As part of the Excelon range of products, the T74 Series is compatible with other Norgren products such as the F74G Filter and Norgren B74G Filter/Regulator.

To see the Norgren Excelon shut off valve uses along with the valve’s full specifications please download our helpful datasheet.

Norgren Excelon shut off valve uses

Why choose MGA as your Norgren Excelon shut off valve distributor?

MGA Controls are certified UK Norgren distributors, and therefore, have an unparalleled understanding of Norgren Excelon shut off valve uses and products. Our technical experts are fully trained in the whole Norgren portfolio of products and offer expert knowledge. We specialise in selecting, specifying and delivering cost-effective and efficient solutions to your process applications, whether that be for the Food and Beverage, Chemical or Oil and Gas industries.

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