Val-Matic’s innovative and unique Swing-Flex and Surgebuster Swing Check Valve are being deployed in problematic applications in UK wastewater treatment plants. The innovative features of these valves are convincing plant maintenance and design engineers across the country.

For example, the contoured body design and the 45° angled seat reduces disc stroke and prevents surges and valve clogging significantly, compared to traditional weight & lever check valves.

Val-Matic SwingFlex Valve

The body design, along with the patented disc accelerator make the Val-Matic valve the fastest closing valve on the market – the valve disc closes in 0.3 seconds.

All these features result in reduced water slam, reduced blockages, reduced damage and reduced maintenance.

The application stories below provide real life examples of how the Val-Matic swing check valves overcame application problems for major UK water Utility Companies.

The Swing-Flex check valve overcomes problems of valve failing and pipework blockages in wastewater application.

A major UK water company was experiencing valve failures, excessive wear and slam, leaking valve hinges, dry well flooding and pump and pipework blockages due to the weight & lever check valves they had installed.

The Val-Matic Swing-Flex check valve were installed and due to the innovative disc and body design, slam was reduced, there were no blockages or wear of the valve and there were no pump or pipework blockages.

Read the application details here.

Surgebuster swing check valves installed to overcome surges and slam following Transient Analysis.

A major UK water utility site was suffering significant problems with pumps repeatedly failing causing significant damage, pressure surges and slam.

The unique design of resilient hinge and disc accelerator of the Surgebuster swing check valve allows the valve to respond quickly enough to prevent reverse velocities from reaching damaging levels. Since the valves were installed they have performed without fault, giving silent closure and effectively preventing slam and pressure surges.

Read the application details here.

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