Hobbs’ patented design of their Triple Offset Butterfly Valves is at the forefront of technology and offers the end-user benefits above and beyond its competitor valves…and it is not just us that think so! Read below to see what a major UK mining company has to say after installing Hobbs’ butterfly valves into their application.

Hobbs Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

• Considerable savings in power and costs: The UK mining company no longer has to keep the ring main operating at all times due to valve leakage, they can now shut-off active pumps when not required.
• Significantly reduced valve replacement and maintenance: The Triple Offset Butterfly Valves are still working at 100% effectiveness and are expected to continue this service for the foreseeable future
• True technical expertise and solution-driven advice: Hobbs Valve and the UK Contractor involved were able to provide a solution for the customer which overcame all of their operational problems – this is the kind of service which is repeatedly exercised at Hobbs Valve.

Why were Hobbs’ Triple Offset Valves so successful? Unique features include:

Innovative Triple Offset design includes metal to metal seating which ensures bubble tight closure of the valve, resulting in zero-leakage performance.

No cavities between sealing components eliminates the ingress of particles meaning no clogging, low maintenance requirements and longer valve life.

The geometric design of sealing components provides friction-free stroking throughout the valve – extends valve life, ensures no over-travel of the disc and allows for a lower torque-range actuator to be fitted.

Finally, a square shaft along the full length of the drive chain eliminates the problems of a weaker shaft, the problem of shearing and allows a lower torque actuator to be used to automate the valve.

On top of the above benefits, Hobbs TOBV’s, are a cheaper alternative; Butterfly Valves offer an inherent reduction in materials and weight compared to other Ball, Gate & Globe Valves, making the Butterfly Valve a cheaper option.
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