ASCO have a range of Micro-Miniature Solenoid Valves which are used for the control of fluids and gases in medical equipment, analytical instrumentation, and industrial applications.

The range includes

  • Miniature general service valves
  • Miniature isolation valves
  • Miniature pinch valves

Equipment designers must frequently incorporate miniature solenoid valves into their pneumatic designs. These valves are important components of medical devices and instrumentation as well as environmental, analytical, and similar product applications

Selecting miniature solenoid valves for the design of a given device usually involves finely balancing tradeoffs among competing pressures for reliability, service life, light weight, higher flow, optimized power use, standards compliance, and more. Fortunately, newer technologies have reduced the compromises while increasing the performance. New miniature solenoid valve technologies represent the fusion of several innovative approaches to meet the widest possible range of demands from knowledgeable designers across multiple industries.

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ASCO Numatics Micro-Miniature Solenoid Valves

General Service Valves:

Ideal for applications where small size, long life, and low power consumption are of importance

Suitable for the control of non-corrosive liquids and gases

Available as in-line or manifold mount constructions.SCO MINIATURE GENERAL SERVICE VALVE

ASCO’s ranges of general service valve is

For In Line Porting:

  • Series 411- 3/4” diameter solenoid
  • Series 188 – 10 mm wide solenoid

Manifold Mount:

  • Series 411 – 3/4” diameter solenoid
  • Series RB – 3/4” Open Coil Solenoid
  • Series 188 – 10 mm wide solenoid

Isolation Valves:

Isolation valves incorporate a diaphragm that shields the fluid flowing through the valve from the internal solenoid components.

Isolation valves are ideal for handling corrosive or high purity fluids.

Available with in-line porting or manifold constructions and in a wide variety of inert materials

ASCO’s range of Isolation valves includesASCO MINIATURE ISOLATION VALVE

Rocker Isolation Valves

  • Series 067
  • Series 458
  • Series 385

Manifold Mount Isolation Valves

  • Series 067
  • Series 385

Inert Isolation Valves

  • Series 190
  • Series 368
  • Series 067
  • Series 385

High Flow Isolation Valves

  • Series 8296
  • Series 8396

Pinch Valves:

Designed to control the flow of fluid by locating soft tubing in a mechanism that “pinches” the tubing to block flow and releases to allow flow

Pinch valves are suitable for corrosive fluids, high purity applications, or fluids with particulate.

ASCO’s range of Pinch ValvesASCO Numatics Miniature Solenoid Valve Range

2/2 Normally Closed

  • Series 284
  • Series 388
  • Series 390
  • Series 401

2/2 Normally Open

  • Series 284
  • Series 388
  • Series 390
  • Series 401

3/2 Universal

  • Series 384
  • Series 373