Direct acting solenoid valves

Direct operated solenoid valves

Asco Numatics have launched their 256/356 range of Solenoid Valves



ASCO Solenoid Valves 256 Series



This addition to Asco’s range of Solenoid valves creates a competitive and functional range of 1/8” and 1/4”direct operated solenoid valves. The 256/356 series of solenoid valves complements Asco’s current offering of solenoid valves, with a range of 1/8 and manifold mounted solenoid valves



The benefits of the 256/356 series of Asco Solenoid Valves are as follows:

  • Long lasting service life, up to 20 million cycles
  • Low power consumption (AC=4W and DC= 5.5W)
  • Easy maintenance and easy installation, due to easily removable core tube and screw type operator
  • Operation with hard water – square section core prevents calcium build up
  • Corrosion resistant – stainless steel external parts and core tube
  • Wide chemical capabilities: FPM (viton)
  • High differential pressure – up to 35 bar


With this addition of solenoid valves, Asco Numatics now offer a complete range of sub-miniature solenoid valves:

  • Series 256-356: Threaded solenoid valves (2/2 , 3/2 , Brass & St Steel)
  • Series 108-109: Manifold solenoid valve mounted on joinable subbase
  • Series 256-356: Solenoid valves mounted on barrel (2 to 10 positions)


Why are Asco 256/356 solenoid valves better than the competition?


The 256/356 solenoid valves have FPM Disc seals


Low power consumption 6VA (AC) / 4.5W (DC)


Higher flow coefficient (1.33 & 2.16)


Manual operator as Standard


Differential pressure 0-35 bar (AC) & 0-20 bar (DC)



Why is Asco’s direct operating solenoid valve better than Burkert?

  • The core tube cannot be disassembled
  • No manual operator in the standard version
  • Low differential pressure performances (AC: 21 bar ; DC:12 bar)



Why is Asco’s direct operating solenoid valve better than Burkert?

  • 3 coil sizes 22, 26 and 32mm for the 1/8’’ solenoid valves
  • 2 spade terminals coils (no grounding)
  • No H class coil for the size 22mm