Norgren UK are a leading pneumatic cylinder manufacturer. They produce products including Pneumatic Cylinders, Process Valves and Air service equipment. The IMI Norgren Group also includes brands such as Buschjost, Herion and Watson Smith. And provides the market-place with a “one-stop shop” for all pneumatic valves and controls. MGA Controls are proud to be official Norgren UK distributors. In this article, we will discuss why you should choose Norgren as your pneumatic cylinder manufacturer.

What is a pneumatic cylinder?

Pneumatic cylinders (also known as Actuators) are mechanical devices that utilise the power of compressed air to create movement. They operate by using the force of compressed air against a moving piston to create a mechanical linear movement. Pneumatic cylinders are specified depending on the mass of the load being moved, the distance it is to be moved over, and the time required to move the load.

Why you should choose Norgren as your pneumatic cylinder manufacturer

Norgren UK are leaders in both motion and fluid control technologies. Wherever accuracy, speed and engineering dependability are needed, they can deliver exceptional solutions.

Norgren UK offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive ranges of pneumatic actuators and cylinders. Quality is at the heart of their cylinder design & development, customers can choose from a wide range of variants for many industrial applications. Norgren products include:

• Solenoid valves
• Proportional valves
• Namur valves
• Vacuum pumps
• Pneumatic fittings
• Pneumatic tubing

Norgren’s cylinders can be used in numerous applications, such as assembly lines, packaging and production machinery, at high temperatures and in extremely corrosive environments.

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