The offshore and subsea industry requires a wide variety of control and instrumentation devices that are capable of standing up to a challenge. Within offshore or subsea application valves and instrumentation devices must be able to stand up to harsh chemicals, and abrasive liquids and gases, particularly when used within a pipeline setting. Due to the harsh and abrasive nature of the media being handled within this setting, it is critical that you work with experts in the field to find the correct instrumentation and subsea valves for your application that will continue to work time after time.

MGA Controls – Offshore and subsea valve suppliers

Here at MGA Controls, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you select the correct offshore and subsea valve for your application. We stock subsea valves from some of the world’s leading subsea valve manufacturers. Due to our excellent working partnerships with some of the world’s leading valve manufacturers, we are always able to offer the very latest, and best, offshore and subsea valves. Have you seen our news section? We regularly update this with information about our latest products and applications, including subsea industry-specific news.

Subsea range from Alco Valves

We are stockists and suppliers of Alco Valves subsea valve range. MGA Controls are Alco Valves only subsea distribution partner.

The Alco Valves Group has over 25 years of experience in supplying valves to the subsea oil and gas industry. They manufacture high-quality valves for critical applications and are often the valve of choice of major global oil and gas providers.

Here at MGA, are able to supply the complete range of Alco Subsea valves from one of the world’s leading subsea valve manufacturers. This includes the following subsea valve models:

  • SSB1 Subsea Instrument Ball Valve Range – This model is a floating pattern ball valve design that can be configured with a threaded end connection. This subsea valve type provides a shut-off solution with a 90-degree operation and can stand up to 10,000 psi at working depths of 300 meters.
  • SSCVP Subsea Check Valve Range – The SSCVP is a piston check valve that is suitable for gas and liquid media. This valve can handle pressures of up to 10,000 psi at a maximum of 3,000m working depths.
  • SSN1 Substar Needle Valve – The Alco Substar needle valve features an anti-rotating tip for shut-off. This valve utilises a metal-to-metal design for superior shut off and is endurance tested to TOTAL GS-EPSPS-005 standards for oil and gas subsea applications.
  • SSC4 Subsea Ball Valve – This Alco Centurion 3-way subsea ball valve is designed for superb sealing keeping flow media in and the outside liquid out. This valve is a high-performance in guaranteed to provide excellent sealing up to a working depth of 10,000ft.
  • SSC1 API Subsea Ball Valve – This valve is a floating pattern ball valve originally designed for high-pressure compressed natural gas applications. This design is PR2 qualified to API specification 6A, 20th Edition / ISO 10423:2009.
  • SSC2 Subsea Ball Valve – This Alco subsea valve is designed to deliver superb sealing – keeping flow media in and outside liquid out. Usual Alco high performance is guaranteed to deliver excellent sealing properties in working depth of up to 10,000ft.
  • SSN2 Subsea Needle Valve – The Alco valves Substar needle valve utilises a metal to metal, anti-rotating tip for superior shut-off that can be configured with various end connections in various materials. This valve can withstand pressures up to 10,000psi.
  • SSN3 Subsea Needle Valve – The Alco SSN3 subsea needle valve is endurance tested to TOTAL GS-EPSPS-005 and can withstand pressure ratings of up to 10,000psi. This valve is available in 10mm or 12mm bore sizes and is PR2 performance verified to API 6A for subsea valve applications.

Bifold Group – Subsea valve manufacturer

Bifold Fluidpower Ltd is leaders in the design and manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic stainless steel directional control valves and accessories. The Bifold stainless-steel valve construction offers durability and resilience to corrosive environments, which makes Bifold one of our leading subsea valve manufacturers.

MGA Controls – Suppliers of IMI Precision Maxseal oil and gas valves

Here at MGA, we are proud stockists of the IMI Precision Maxseal solenoid valves that are manufactured with reliability and integrity in mind. The IMI Maxseal valve range performs really well in harsh environments particularly within oil and gas offshore ‘topside’ applications on oil and gas rigs. Here at MGA Controls, we are able to supply the full range of IMI Maxseal emergency shutdown valves that are well suited for oil and gas rig environments.

The ICO2S series of solenoid poppet valves is no exception. This high-performance valve is designed to control pneumatic or hydraulic operated equipment within highly demanding environments including oil and gas and petrochemical manufacturing.

IMI Maxseal oil and gas poppet valves

As part of the IMI Maxseal solenoid valves range that we hold in stock here at MGA Controls, we can also supply the ICO4S Series of valves.

The IMI Maxseal ICO4S solenoid valve is perfectly suited to use as a ‘topside’ oil and gas valve due to its high-performance nature and its ability to stand up to demanding environments including oil and gas, offshore, petrochemical and refinery applications.

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