It is highly important that your application has a compatible, fully functioning filter regulator. When air leaves a compressor it is wet, dirty and hot. This can badly damage and diminish the life of downstream equipment, therefore the air must be filtered and regulated to save time, work and expense. Filters such as the Norgren Excelon or Olympian can provide an application with outstanding water and particulate removal, and accurate control of downstream pressure, but which one is best for you?

Choosing a Norgren Excelon or Olympian

The Excelon and Olympian both operate at the same pressure (0,3-10 bar) and inevitably do the same job. However, there are features of Norgren Excelon that are different to the Olympian, this is why it is best for you fully understand the characteristics of the filter regulator before you buy.

B64G Series – Olympian Plus General-Purpose Filter/Regulator- The B64G Series Norgren Filter Regulator is ideal for the control of pressureincompressed air applications. It can be installed as a single unit but is also compatible with other models in the Norgren Olympian Plus Range, such as the L64 Series Lubricator and V64H Pressure Relief Valve. It can be ordered with either a manual or automatic drain, has a range of filtration levels and can be supplied with a wide range of accessories such as pressure gauges and mounting brackets. This filter offers high-efficiency water removal, great regulation characteristics and filter elements of 5, 25 or 40 microns.

Excelon or Olympian Norgren

B72G-2GK-ST3-RMN– Norgren Excelon Filter Regulator – The features of Norgren Excelon B72G-2GK-ST3-RMN include a semi-automatic drain type, an operating temperature of -34 – 50C and thebody material is made from sturdy zinc. This is an innovative design that allows in-line or modular installation with other Excelon products. Also featuring a quick release bayonet bowl, this Norgren Excelon features high efficiency in terms of water and particle removal.

Features of Norgren Excelon

Choosing MGA Controls as your Norgren Excelon or Olympian distributor

As official Norgren Excelon or Olympian distributors, MGA Controls have an unparalleled knowledge of the features of Norgren Excelon and Olympian. Our technical experts are fully trained in the whole Norgren portfolio of products and offer specialist knowledge. We specialise in selecting, specifying and delivering cost-effective and efficient solutions to your process applications. Whether that be Food and Beverage, Chemical or Oil and Gas.

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