A filter regulator lubricator, also knowns as an FRL box set, is a pre-assembled air preparation kit that includes a range of components, designed to offer a complete air treatment solution. The box set commonly includes a filter/regulator and a lubricator, with the associated fittings and wall mounting brackets. Other accessories can also be added to a combined FRL box set, including pressure switches and 3/2-Way Shut Off Valves. MGA Controls stock a selection of combined FRL box sets and provide need to know information regarding the function of a filter regulator lubricator.

How a filter regulator lubricator works

The FRL box set combines three of the major functions required in the treatment of compressed air so it is ready for other parts of the system. The functions of the filter, regulator and lubricator are all vital to the efficient working of a compressed air system and they all have their separate purpose in the workings of an FRL.

BL64 FRL Box SetThe function of a filter

The function of the filter is to clean the compressed air by straining and trapping solid particles such as dust, dirt and rust and separating liquids such as water and oil. The filter is the first element in the box set and is used to clean the air before it travels through pipework. For more information on the workings of a pneumatic filter, please take a look at our dedicated filters page.

The function of a regulator

Pressure regulators control the air pressure to air tools, air gauging equipment and cylinders etc. The regulators have a spring which acts on a diaphragm to regulate the air pressure. The pressure regulator is predominately a safety feature and helps cut costs. For more information on the pressure regulators, please take a look  at our dedicated pressure regulators page.

The function of a lubricator

A lubricator controls the quantity of oil in a compressed air system in order to reduce the friction between moving components. Most machinery requires extra lubrication in order to extend their working life, making this feature extremely important. For more information on the function of a lubricator, please take a look at our dedicated lubricator page.

FRL or filter regulator lubricator maintenance

As the FRL box set comprises three different components, the maintenance will vary depending on the feature. Maintenance guidelines will be provided when you purchase a combined FRL box set and the correct maintenance of the valves will depend on the make and model you choose.

Benefits of a combined FRL boxset

The filter regulator and lubricator are all important components for air preparation. Listed are some of the benefits of purchasing a FRL box set

  • Cost Efficient
  • Ease of Access
  • Prolong System Life
  • Optimum Function
  • Wall Brackets allow system to be mounted
  • Shut off Valve allows system to be isolated

MGA Controls stock a wide range of combined FRL boxsets for your convience. If you require further information on any of the air preparation products, please contact our technical team today on +44 1704 898980 or email sales@mgacontrols.co.uk, they will be happy to help.