Safety valves offer vital protection to personnel and expensive machine parts, which is why MGA Controls recommends Herion safety valves for the ultimate in safety standards.

Whether for mechanical or pneumatic presses, amusement park facilities, emergency brake systems, handling systems or robots, process control or special machines, Herion has a safety valve to suit the application and protect people and machinery.

With their fail-safe operation, they not only satisfy all relevant safety regulations and increase safety, but can also lead to increased productivity. The valves’ inherently fail-safe design incorporates dynamic self-monitoring, a double crossflow channel, residual pressure-free system, and a short response time. The valves are also built for long life, making them a value-for-money choice as well as a safe one.

Additional safety equipment, which is compatible with the Herion Safety Valves range, comprises soft start and soft stop damping modules, overlap correction, failure indication elements, and safety silencers with either thread or flange connection. Both 3/2 and 5/2 safety valves conform to category IV performance level ‘e’.

NAMUR actuator solenoids valves – 3/2 and 5/2 function in one valve

IMI Norgren’s Herion NAMUR solenoid valves are perfectly suited to applications involving filtered, lubricated, non-lubricated or dry compressed air. Compact design NAMUR solenoid valve for use with single and double acting actuators with lockable manual override and easily interchangeable solenoids.

Herion Safety Valves

  • Operating pressure: 2-8 Bar.
  • Flow direction: Fixed.
  • Temperatures: -25°C to +50°C.
  • Connection 1: G1/4.
  • Connection 3 & 5: G1/8.
  • Materials: Aluminium Anodized.
  • Pilot Flange/Seals: PBT/NBR.
  • ATEX versions available.

MGA Controls have supplied Herion products to the marketplace for over 30 years. With ex-Norgren staff as part of our workforce, we are well-equipped to specify and supply Herion’s range of solenoid valves and NAMUR valves.

MGA Controls stocks all of the more popular IMI Norgren products. For more information, please contact our technical sales team on +44 (0)1704 898980 or email us at