MGA Controls stocks a complete selection of Norgren’s exceptional range of ISO pneumatic cylinders. Norgren’s range of pneumatic cylinders are perfectly suited for lower force, lighter duty applications, and are available in either single or double acting versions. The range conforms to ISO 6432 and is available in a range of materials such as aluminium or stainless steel, and share the same low friction seals suitable for both low and high-speed applications. MGA Controls are proud to be official Norgren UK distributors. In this FAQ article, we will be answering all the questions you may have about Norgren Pneumatic Cylinders and directing you towards where you can buy Norgren pneumatic cylinders online.

What is a pneumatic cylinder?

Pneumatic cylinders (also known as actuators) are devices that have been mechanically engineered to utilise the power of compressed air to create movement. They are also known as air cylinders and come in various appearances and sizes. They are meant to perform different functions depending on the needs of the application.

How do pneumatic cylinders work?

Pneumatic cylinders operate by using the force of compressed air against a moving piston to create a mechanical linear movement. Pneumatic cylinders are specified depending on the mass of the load being moved, the distance it is to be moved over and the time required to move the load.

What kind of pneumatic cylinders do Norgren supply?

Norgren supply both single acting and double acting pneumatic cylinders.

Single acting pneumatic cylinders are usually quite small in size. They utilise the pressure created by compressed air to generate a driving force in one direction, and a spring to return to the original position. Ordinarily, this type of pneumatic cylinder has limited extension due to the space the compressed spring occupies. Therefore, it is best suited to customers who have smaller applications.


Single acting pneumatic cylinder

Double acting pneumatic cylinders use the force of air to perform both extend and retract strokes. They have two ports to allow air in, one for outstroke and one for instroke. The double acting cylinder stroke length is also not limited, which makes it perfect for the larger application.


Double acting pneumatic cylinder 

What applications are pneumatic cylinders used in?

Pneumatic cylinders can be used across a huge array of applications and industries, ranging from brakes on cars to movement in toys and pneumatic bladders. One of the more common applications pneumatic cylinders are used in are tools such as rock drills, pavement breakers, riveters, forging presses, paint sprayers and blast cleaners. In this instance, the compressed air power used is flexible, economic and safe.

Where to buy Norgren pneumatic cylinders?

MGA Controls stocks a wide range of pneumatic cylinders, for both manufacturing and automotive applications. With MGA Controls, you can buy Norgren pneumatic cylinders online. For more information, contact our technical team on 01704 898980 or via email