When choosing a pneumatic cylinder, the ideal component for every end user would be one that can save costs, whilst also featuring high performance and low maintenance costs. Here, MGA Controls discuss the IVAC integrated valve, a pneumatic cylinder for saving energy.

Powerful pneumatic cylinder from Norgren

The integrated valve and actuator control (IVAC) from Norgren combines a linear actuator with a glandless control valve, solid state switches and speed controllers. This powerful pneumatic cylinder offers integrated pneumatic control, whilst maintaining measurements in accordance with ISO 15552.

A powerful, robust and aesthetically pleasing unit, the IVAC has unique features, delivering multiple benefits.

This powerful pneumatic cylinder is a weight-optimised actuator, featuring a fully integrated valve and magnetically operated switches. It also has one single M12 connection, a single air connection and 1 exhaust port, allowing the IVAC Pneumatic Cylinder to be easily retrofitted or integrated within new systems.

With innovative design features, the IVAC is a suitable pneumatic cylinder for saving energy, reducing air usage and in turn, lowering costs.

Reducing CO2 with a pneumatic cylinder

The patented technology of the IVAC was designed to reduce CO2 emissions and kW Hrs. The innovative design minimises dead volume, allowing the IVAC to use air in the cylinder, not in the tubing, which reduces energy consumption considerably. Reducing CO2 with a pneumatic cylinder has never been easier than with the IVAC, especially as it is easy to install, maintain and integrate with both existing and new systems.

Pneumatic cylinder for saving energy from MGA Controls

Our partnership with Norgren spans 30 years and means we can guarantee you the best and most reliable price on the market. MGA Controls is also able to deliver off the shelf pneumatic solutions, providing fast delivery to reduce machinery downtime.
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