Most FRLs comprise three elements – Filter, Regulator and Lubricator – but an FRL from Norgren gives you one extra component: 80 years of air preparation experience that guarantees the highest levels of performance, quality, value and energy-efficiency.

Benefits of a Norgren FRL

The benefits of a Norgren FRL include:

  • More effective filtering of moisture content and other impurities
  • More constant delivery of the correct air pressure.
  • Continuous delivery of an adequate flow of lubricant.

The result is a constant flow of high-quality air, to help decrease downtime, reduce wear and tear on your tools or other equipment, and increase their working life.

Norgren Excelon Pro FRL

Norgren FRL

One of the world’s first FRLs which can be assembled and installed without any tools, the Norgren Excelon Pro is also the most compact FRL in its class, and features a patent- pending connection design.

To install the Norgren Excelon Pro, you simply select the desired FRL combination, insert the connector, and twist them together to connect. It takes seconds to create a fully functioning, cost competitive FRL that delivers breakthrough flow capacity, with an unprecedented maximum flow for such a compact product.

In other words, the kind of performance you’d expect from Norgren – inventors of the FRL more than 80 years ago, back in 1927. Once the unit is assembled, integrated push-on fittings not only cut installation time but also minimise leak paths and reduce the unit’s overall footprint.

Norgren Olympian Plus FRL

If you need only one specific part for your airline the Olympian Plus Plug-In System range should be your first port of call. The list of standout features is many and varied.

General purpose filters allow for effective liquid removal and positive solid filtration. While a large filter element area ensures minimum pressure drop. ‘Puraire’ high-efficiency coalescing oil removal filters remove sub-micron particles and convert oil and water mist to liquid form for draining off.

‘Ultraire’ high efficiency oil/oil vapour removal filters are available as either dual function products, incorporating an oil removal element and an oil vapour removal element, or as two separate coupled filters. Featuring an active carbon pack, these filters also help remove hydrocarbon gases and odours. While a pre-filter helps to extend the life of the oil removal filter and an active carbon pack helps to remove hydrocarbon gases and odours.

The diaphragm and balanced valve design of the pressure regulators helps to ensure excellent regulation characteristics and features a non-rising adjusting knob with a snap-action lock. Micro-fog plug-in lubricators, for general purpose pneumatic applications, also offer highly effective lubrication.

Soft start/dump valves provide a controlled increase of downstream pressure on start-up and help machine designers to comply with the European Machines Directive and PUWER regulations. Available as solenoid, air pilot or manual operation configurations, these valves offer high forward flow capacity and high flow dump facility.

Accurate pressure relief valves, with high relief capacity, also protect compressed air systems from over-pressurisation. Alternatively, for a complete ready-to-go assembly, a Norgren Olympian Plus air preparation boxed set has all the elements you need for an efficient airline.