At MGA Controls, we understand the need for durable, hard-wearing pneumatic cylinders for industrial and process applications. In our latest blog, MGA Controls offer an overview of ATEX pneumatic cylinders available to purchase from our online store.

Pneumatic cylinder applications

Pneumatic cylinders come in a wide array of basic design principles. The uses of a pneumatic cylinder will largely depend on the purpose, brand and design of the component. In their basic form, the purpose of a pneumatic cylinder is to generate force and motion in a piece of machinery.

Pneumatic cylinder applications largely depend on a singular product. While some pneumatic cylinders will have been specially designed to be used in ATEX environments, others may not have the features needed to perform well in hazardous applications.

ATEX pneumatic cylinders for hazardous applications

The RA/8000 Series Norgren pneumatic actuator is a double acting cylinder, with a tie-rod design. This cylinder conforms to ISO/VDMA standards and can be specially manufactured to perform well in ATEX areas. Offering high performance, this component is a reliable pneumatic cylinder for applications that require double acting control. The wide bore sizes and long stroke lengths make this ATEX pneumatic cylinder a versatile, high functioning solution.

The RM/8000 Series IMI Norgren Double acting roundline cylinder can be manufactured to work in hazardous applications. Available with a range of bore sizes (10mm-25mm) and optional stroke lengths up to 500mm, this compact and lightweight cylinder is corrosion resistant for effective performance in demanding environments.

The RM/8000 also comes with a magnetic piston rod as standard, optional buffer or adjustable cushioning.

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