Both resilient hinge and lever swing check valves are non-return valve types. They are both used in the water and wastewater industries, in order to prevent back-flow of liquid or gaseous media to protect the pump from damaging water hammer. Here, MGA Controls looks at the difference between a resilient hinge and swing type NRV.

Types of check valves

Resilient hinge and weight and lever swing are both types of check valves that can be used to reduce water hammer or disc slam in water and wastewater applications. As official suppliers of Val-Matic check valves, MGA Controls has a wide range resilient hinge and weight and lever swing check valves, available to purchase online.

Val-Matic manufacture a wide range of resilient hinge check valves, designed for use in potable water, abrasive slurries and corrosive chemicals. The main feature of a resilient hinge non-return valve type is their anti-slam design and technology. All resilient hinge check valve types are designed to reduce water slamming, headless, turbulence and associated surges and build up of reverse back flow.

Weight and lever swing non return check valves are available in a wide range of materials, including brass, cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel and aluminium bronze. Swing type nrvs are available with optional springs, weight, levers and guards.

Advantages of resilient hinge check valves

Resilient hinge check valves are a combined hinge and disc of moulded elastomer, steel reinforced but fully encapsulated with integral drop-tight O-ring, 45° seat and 35° stroke. Resilient hinge check valves operate faster than a ball or swing check valve and work clog-free in the vertical. This type of check valve comes with a 25-year guarantee, meaning they are the ideal component for ‘fit and forget’ applications within a sewage pumping station or treatment works.

Advantages of weight and lever swing valves

Swingflex and Surgebuster are two types of check valves from Val-Matic. These weight and lever swing type nrvs use 50% less energy when compared to competitor valves. Val-Matic swing check valves have one internal moving part and are virtually maintenance-free. The swing non-return valve type can be installed quickly and easily. Once fitted they can be forgotten about, allowing the application to run smoothly, very rarely needing to be replaced.

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