When looking for pneumatic cylinders, the holy grail is a pneumatic cylinder design that can save on costs, energy, maintenance and installation time. Norgren pride themselves with manufacturing cylinders that will achieve exactly these parameters and more.

Introducing Norgren’s IVAC pneumatic cylinders

The IVAC cylinder is a powerful, robust and aesthetically pleasing unit with many unique features, delivering multiple benefits – including significant energy and cost savings. Norgren IVAC cylinders feature a built in 3/2 or 5/2 solenoid valve (24V DC). It also has additional output ports to control other actuators and has a standard magnetic piston rod and IP65 ingress protection.

Advantages of Norgren’s pneumatic cylinders

Norgren ensures their pneumatic cylinders have 50% reduced consumption as well as the following benefits:

  • The patented design and technology reduces CO2 emissions.
  • The consolidation of parts and innovative design minimises dead volume. The design uses air in the cylinder, and not the air in the tubing. This reduces energy consumption considerably.
  • Reduced air means the cost per mm of stroke is significantly reduced.
  • Easy installation and integration.

Norgren IVAC cylinder features

So, what really makes the IVAC Norgren cylinder different to other pneumatic cylinders? Below are the key differentiators:

Norgren PRA/882000 IVAC Pneumatic Cylinders

  • The IVAC pneumatic cylinder is a weight-optimised actuator.
  • It has fully integrated valve and magnetically operated switches for complete actuator control.
  • It has reduced components, fully integrated sensor adjustment, fully integrated flow controls & integrated pressure protection.
  • It has one single M12 connection, one single air connection and 1 single exhaust port.

These features allow the IVAC Pneumatic Cylinder to be easily retrofitted or integrated within new systems.
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