A lubricator for a pneumatic system provides lubrication to internal working parts of pneumatic tools and components, including actuating cylinders, valves and motors. The device injects a stream of oil into the airline, ensuring they perform at the optimum level at all times. Here, MGA Controls provides more information about pneumatic lubricator functions.

What is the purpose of a lubrication system?

The lubricator is an important element of the pneumatic device as it supplies lubrication to different machines. Pneumatic lubricators are present on:

  • Air motors
  • Cylinders
  • Gears
  • Sliding Surfaces
  • General Compressed Air Systems

By having a lubrication system, machinery can benefit from lower friction, smoother operation and speed control that in turn helps the system run efficiently and lowers running and maintenance costs.

How does a pneumatic lubricator work?

Lubricators operate by injecting a stream of oil into an airline in order to provide lubrication to the internal working parts of a pneumatic tool or instrument. The pneumatic lubricator works by compressed air entering an inlet port and passing over a needle valve, which is attached to a pick-up tube. The tube is submerged into a bowl that is filled with machine oil. The oil is pulled up through a suction method and then released as an aerosol at the outlet port, in turn offering lubrication to working tools.

L74 Lubricators

The positioning of the Lubricator is extremely important for the correct function of a lubrication system. The Lubricator should always be the last element in a compressed air preparation assembly, the air already having been filtered so it is free of water and other particles and already regulated to the correct downstream pressure to suit the application. If these rules aren’t followed, the oily air can interfere with the pressure regulator, hindering its performance and, in turn, no lubrication will be delivered to connected equipment, causing potential machine failure.

Choosing a fluid type for the effective function of a lubrication system

The pneumatic lubricator oil type will depend on the manufacturing guidelines. It is important that the only fluids used are the ones specified on the user guide as incompatible oil will affect the function of pneumatic machinery and could potentially erode the materials of construction. MGA Controls can assist you when choosing the oil for your lubrication system.

Choosing the right pneumatic lubricator will depend on the application you require and the type of liquid you wish to use. If you require more information on the types of pneumatic lubricators that are available, the technical team at MGA Controls will be able to help you.

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