FRLs normally comprise three main elements; a Filter, Regulator and Lubricator. But there’s one additional extra in Norgren’s Excelon Pro patented NFRL, which gives it an operational edge over standard FRLs – Norgren’s unsurpassable expertise.

The ‘N’ in NRFL stands for ‘Norgren’, and that’s the extra component that makes all the difference. It guarantees the highest levels of performance, quality, value and energy-efficiency, all based on more than 80 years’ experience in air preparation.

What makes the Norgren Excelon FRL standout?

  • More effective filtering of moisture content and other impurities.
  • More constant delivery of the correct air pressure.
  • Continuous delivery of an adequate flow of lubricant.

The result is a constant flow of high-quality air, to help decrease downtime, reduce wear and tear on your tools or other equipment, and increase their working life.

Easy and quick assemble FRL

One of the world’s first FRLs, which can be assembled and installed without any tools, the Norgren Excelon Pro is also the most compact FRL in its class and features a patent-pending connection design.

To install the Norgren Excelon Pro, you simply:

  • Select the desired FRL combination.
  • Insert the connector.
  • Twist them together to connect.

It takes just seconds to create a fully-functioning, cost-competitive FRL that delivers breakthrough flow capacity, with an unprecedented maximum flow for such a compact product. Or, in other words, the kind of performance you expect from Norgren – inventors of the FRL over 80 years ago.

Once the unit is assembled, integrated push-on fittings not only cut installation time but also minimise leak paths and reduce the unit’s overall footprint.

Excelon Pro

Norgren Excelon Pro FRL Specifications

  • Fluid: Compressed air or inert gas
  • Maximum pressure: All units: 12 bar
  • Operating temperature:
    –20°C to 52°C (please consult our Technical Service for use below +2°C)
    –20°C to 60°C (units without bowl)

Norgren Excelon Pro FRL Materials

  • Body: PBT
  • Transparent Bowl: polycarbonate
  • Elastomers: neoprene and nitrite
  • Locking plates: ABS
  • End connectors: PBT
  • Threaded ports: brass
  • Quikconnect: PBT

MGA Controls are an premium stockist of IMI Norgren products, therefore our technical team are fully trained in the FRL product range. For more information and speak to a technical engineer please call +44 (0)1704 898980 or email