Maxseal are one of the brands that are developed from the reputable IMI Norgren Group. Coming from Norgren, a well-established and reliable company, products from Maxseal naturally adopt the same high level of quality and consistent performance associated with the instrumentation giants. At MGA Controls, we are proud to be Maxseal solenoid valve suppliers.

Why choose Maxseal?

Their expertise and knowledge comes from over fifty years as manufacturers, producing innovative products, specially designed for extreme environments. When working in aggressive applications, the quality of the product is highly important, as it needs to be able to withstand the pressures of the environment.

Features of a Maxseal solenoid valve

Maxseal solenoid valves in particular have become associated with Oil and Gas applications, because of their ability to perform well in these specific industries. Their products are designed to be precise, safe and effective no matter the situation. They are renowned for long life, consistent and trustworthy products, especially for offshore applications. Being able to fit a valve once and know it will last, is vital.

One of the main and most important features of a Maxseal solenoid valve is that they are ATEX certified. This approval ensures the capability of the valve in explosive and hazardous locations. Because of this, we can assure the safety of our valve whilst working in extreme environments, such as Oil and Gas. The ATEX approval given to Maxseal solenoid valves explains their incredible capabilities in aggressive environments. The reliability of a product is a vital factor in these volatile industries, as a safety measure for the machinery, products and people.

Maxseal Solenoid Valves from MGA Controls

As Maxseal solenoid valve suppliers, we stock a range of the Maxseal solenoid valves ICO3S series and the Maxseal ICO4S series.

The solenoid valve series’ we supply are:

Maxseal ICO3S Series – 3/2-Way Direct Acting Solenoid Poppet Valve
Maxseal ICO4S – PST Series – Integrated Partial Stroke Testing Solenoid Valve
Maxseal ICO4S Series High Performance Direct Acting Poppet Valve

Whilst the Maxseal ICO4S solenoid valve is a much more robust unit, the Maxseal ICO3S solenoid is designed to be a lighter weight and more compact valve. Both series’ fit specific application purposes, so talk to one of our technical team today, and they can advise you on the best Maxseal solenoid valve for your industry requirements.

The partial stroke testing feature of the ICO4S – PST series was designed by Maxseal as a technique to ensure the components are functioning correctly in emergency shutdown systems.

For more information about our Maxseal range, visit our website, email us at or call us today on 01704 898980 to talk to one of technical team about the Maxseal products we offer for your specific application.