Bourdon are leading pressure gauge manufacturers. Here, MGA Controls looks at the Bourdon pressure gauge range, focusing on the features of their most popular products.

Types of bourdon pressure gauges

Bourdon, otherwise known as Bourdon Baumer, have a wide range of gauges available for effective pressure measurement. Comprising of pressure, differential pressure and absolute pressure gauges, their stock is manufactured to meet the demanding nature of industry applications.

Bourdon absolute pressure gauge

An absolute pressure gauge, otherwise known as a vacuum pressure gauge is used to measure the amount of pressure in an area, without accounting for the atmospheric pressure level. Bourdon Baumer manufacture absolute pressure gauges for use in hazardous environments and can operate effectively with media temperatures between -40°C – +200°C.

Boasting extreme accuracy and a wide measurement range, the Bourdon gauge for absolute pressure is one of their leading products, designed for use with corrosive process fluids and atmospheres. Their MA7 Series is available with pressure ranges 0…16 bar absolute.

Bourdon differential pressure gauges

Bourdon differential pressure gauges are often used in applications to measure the difference between two media. The process element of the differential pressure gauge measures the low and high readings and then deflects proportionally to the difference of the two input signals, irrespective of the absolute pressures applied. This deflection is converted into a mechanical rotational movement through inner linkages and is displayed on the gauge face.

Bourdon MEX Series pressure gauges

The Bourdon MEX Series is the original industrial pressure gauge, often used in manufacturing or process plants all over the world. Available in 63mm, 100mm and 150mm dial sizes and a wide range of pressure ranges, it is the most versatile of visual pressure measuring devices.

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