Bourdon, also known as Bourdon Baumer manufacture all of their products for efficient operation in hazardous environments. Here, MGA Controls discusses the range of ATEX certified pressure gauges, manufactured by Bourdon.

Pressure gauge in hazardous area

Bourdon’s strategic material selection is specially chosen to enable a pressure gauge to operate efficiently in industrial processes. Bourdon specialise in providing ATEX certified pressure gauges to a range of industries, including:

    • EPC
    • Oil & Gas
    • Energy / Power plants
    • Food & beverage
    • HVAC
    • Water treatment
    • Machine building
    • Transportation

Their plethora of industry experience illustrates their expansive product knowledge and industry expertise. Without this, they would be incapable of providing such high quality, durable and long lasting component, specific to each industry.

As well as supplying components to the industries outlined above, Bourdon Baumer are also adept when providing customer specific product specifications. Experts in the mechanical pressure measurement, they are able to supply a pressure gauge for any hazardous area, no matter the specific requirements of any industry. Even for the most demanding applications, Bourdon Baumer are more than capable of offering an optimally suited product.

ATEX certified pressure gauge composition

Bourdon’s MMX series is a 40mm dial bourdon tube pressure gauge, specifically designed for harsh industrial applications. Comprising of either a dry or liquid filled case, the gauge can be fitted with a diaphragm seal, for use in aggressive, corrosive or hygienic environments, in pressure ranges form 0-25 Bar.
These ATEX certified pressure gauges are available in both lower or back connection orientations, offering a composition solution no matter what the industry or placement of the pressure measurement device.

MGA Controls are expert Bourdon Baumer suppliers, offering their wide product range. With the ability to provide a pressure gauge for virtually any ATEX environment, our technical team are experts pressure measurement. Contact us today by calling 01704 898980 or alternatively email