Here at MGA Controls, we recommend carrying out regular Bourdon gauge maintenance, in order to ensure a healthy lifespan of your component. Here, we look at the correct care for your bourdon tube pressure gauge.

Oil filled pressure gauge maintenance

Oil filled pressure gauge maintenance tends to be required more often than with a dry pressure gauge, as they are subject to higher temperatures and are therefore more likely to suffer at the hand of harsh environments. Frequent inspection is the best way of ensuring the efficient service of a pressure gauge and should be done according to the severity of the application.
If the pressure gauge is subject to severe vibration or pressure pulsations, your bourdon gauge maintenance should be higher. It is recommended that on average, bourdon tube pressure gauges should be checked and re calibrated at least once a year, to ensure the readings are of a high level of accuracy.

Maintaining an oil filled pressure gauge

Following an inspection, action may be required to increase the efficiency of your gauge. Appropriate action may include:

  • Re-calibration – Re-calibrating a pressure gauge will increase the efficiency of the component by ‘zeroing’ the pointer.
  • Venting procedures – In some cases, pressure gauges offer an inaccurate reading due to inadequate ventilation causing a build-up of pressure. If this is the case, you should speak to a supplier. MGA Controls are on hand to discuss the correct way of increasing ventilation.
  • Correct storage – When the pressure gauge is not in use, it is important to store the component at room temperatures. This will ensure mechanical efficiency when the gauge is to be used again.

Replacing parts of a pressure gauge

Sometimes, harsh environments or high levels of service can negatively impact the efficiency of a pressure gauge. If this is the case, the lens or pointer may need to be replaced and you should speak to an expert supplier. MGA Controls have a team of technical experts who will be able to advise on a replacement product for your specific model

Isolating valves for correct bourdon gauge maintenance

By connecting a pressure gauge to an isolating valve, a bourdon tube can be removed at any time for maintenance purposes, without disrupting the process. Therefore, we suggest that all pressure gauges should be fitted with an isolating valve, for efficient service and easy pressure gauge maintenance.

MGA Controls are experienced suppliers of the bourdon tube pressure gauge. For information on the correct oil filled pressure gauge maintenance, please contact our expert suppliers by calling 01704 898980 or emailing