As a leading brand of the Baumer group, Bourdon are expert manufacturers of process instrumentation. As leading Bourdon distributors, MGA Controls looks at all the reasons why you should choose a Bourdon Baumer pressure gauge.

Established Bourdon brand

Bourdon is an established and prestigious name in pressure and temperature measurement. Following the revival of the Bourdon brand, Baumer are keen to emphasise their commitment to quality. They are known for manufacturing extremely high quality pressure and temperature measurement devices and having a comprehensive component selection, which is set to filter through to their Bourdon instrumentation.

Expert product technology

The company’s commitment to technological advance and component operation is illustrated in their application specific solutions which meet the stringent demands of the industry. Bourdons’ expanding range of products allows them to provide components perfectly suited to individual applications and industries.

Their dependable pressure gauges are manufactured by those who understand the technology behind pressure and temperature measurement, providing a one-stop solution for any industry. Bourdon Baumer’s longstanding expertise, practical insights and technological supremacy provides customers with the control needed to enhance equipment performance, reducing downtime and maintenance cost.

Effective component operation

The demanding requirements of pressure and temperature measurement calls for dependable products that function effectively. Bourdon’s ultra-precise solutions stem from the material selection that allows the products to function under extreme conditions. Their commitment to technological advance means their products function effectively without the need for stringent maintenance or machinery downtime. Providing a reliable, trustworthy and durable product is at the heart of the Bourdon brand.

Our Baumer Bourdon partnership

MGA Controls have worked closely with the Baumer group for many years. Couple their commitment to product innovation, and their established brand, with the customer service from MGA and you have a complete package.

The technical team at MGA Controls is committed to providing outstanding customer service to all our clients, encouraging them to contact us if they need expert help or training advice. The team here are trained in the full Baumer Bourdon product range, meaning we are experts in their field of products and able to answer any question. Contact us today for more information.