As experienced stockists of gas solenoid valves, our latest article answers the question, what is a gas solenoid valve? Outlining the types of gas valves, their function and applications, MGA Controls offers need to know information about this popular fluid control component.

What is a gas solenoid valve used for?

Gas solenoid valves are used to control the flow of a gas through a machine or in a boiler or industrial heating application, by translating electrical impulses. These impulses open and close a valve, controlling the flow of the gas.

Present in a wide range of industrial and residential applications, gas solenoid valves are manufactured to suit different industry requirements. While low pressure gas solenoid valves are built to suit the more general purpose applications, high pressure valves are available, along with gas solenoid valves manufactured for ATEX environments.

Gas solenoid valve applications

Gas solenoids are utilised in various applications, including commercial and residential situations. Pneumatic machinery often utilises a gas solenoid, in order to move machinery parts. Similarly, manufacturing facilities utilise solenoid valves in order to control the movement of gas in a manufacturing process.

Gas solenoid applications also include residential use, most commonly to provide a supply of gas to a domestic boiler. Gas-powered clothes dryers also have solenoid valves to control the flow of gas into the dryer, which helps to prevent fires or gas poisoning.

Manufacturers of gas solenoid valves

Eleketrogas, part of the DELTA brand, are expert manufacturers of gas solenoids. With over 30 years’ experience in the field, Eleketrogas are famous for their combination of innovative, high performance valves. Elektrogas gas solenoids are made with the gas industry in mind and following stringent reliability tests, you can be rest assured that the gas solenoid is built to the highest specification.

Where to buy a gas solenoid valve

MGA Controls stocks a wide range of gas solenoid valves, for both industrial and residential applications. For more information about our range of products, contact our technical team today by calling 01704 898980 or email