18 Apr 17
Val-Matic are leading check valve manufacturers, specialising in water and wastewater applications. Based in Chicago, their products have been used in applications across the globe since 1966. Here, MGA Controls discuss Val-Matic’s check valve selection. Choosing a check valve material Choosing the right material for a check valve depends on the chosen application. Commonly available in brass and..
13 Feb 15
The Val-Matic Swing-Flex™ Resilient Hinge Check Valve (RHCV) has been used in wastewater and clean water applications around the world for nearly 30 years. The significant benefits of the Swing-Flex™ check valve can now be realised in clean water applications across the UK, as this innovative valve not only meets the British Standards for check valves and is WIMES compliant, it is also available..
21 Oct 14
Northumbrian Water has given MGA Controls confirmation that the Val-Matic NRV has now been adopted for use for appropriate applications across Northumbrian Water sites in North East England and its sites in Essex and Suffolk. This recommendation has been made based on existing installations at the company sites and endorsements from a number of other UK Water Companies. Statement from Northumbrian..

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29 Sep 14
The WIMES specification differentiates between Resilient hinge check valves and Recoil resilient hinge check valves. Both check valves are types of Non-Return Valves, and both are used in pumping applications across the UK to prevent back-flow of a liquid or gaseous media and to protect the pump from the damaging surge pressures of water hammer following pump shut-down. What is a Resilient hinge check..
15 Sep 14
Swing Check Valves, Resilient Hinge Check Valves and Weight and Lever check valves are commonly used in pumping applications throughout the water and wastewater industry. Click here to find out the differences between Swing Check Valves and Resilient hinge check valves. Are resilient hinge check valves superior to weight and lever valves, or do both have a place? This article explains the benefits..

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09 Sep 14
What exactly is a non-return valve? Why are they sometimes referred to as swing check valves? Where does a Resilient hinge check valve fit in? The terminology surrounding swing check valves can be confusing. With so many different names for essentially the same product; a valve specifically designed to prevent back-flow in water and wastewater applications, it seemed sensible to produce a short blog..
24 Jul 14
If you are looking for a completely CLOG FREE & potentially MAINTENANCE FREE costs within your wastewater application, MGA Controls have the solution to your problem. Solution – Val-Matic Swing-Flex™ Resilient Hinge Check Valve The Val-Matic Swing-Flex™ Check Valve, exclusive to MGA Controls, has operated successfully for over 25 years around the world. It has now featured heavily in..
23 Jun 14
The Val-Matic Swing-Flex™ resilient hinge check valve supplied exclusively by MGA Controls, has now passed extensive trials at a UK based major water company. The Swing-Flex™ NRV’s were installed to replace the standard ball check valves supplied with the RAM pump used to remove sludge from PST’s. This was to assist with the long standing problems of clearing blockages within the ball checks..
12 Jun 14
MGA Controls exhibited at the Pump Centre conference at Telford in May 2014. The PIF team had the opportunity to interview MGA’s Technical Manager, Jason Dean about the innovative Resilient hinge and Recoil Resilient hinge check valves (known as the SwingFlex and the Surgebuster) that they were exhibiting. WIMES compliant Swing Check Valves MGA Controls are the EXCLUSIVE distributor for the Val-Matic..
12 Jun 14
David Wilson, Managing Director of MGA Controls interviewed by PIF at the recent Pump Centre Conference, Telford. David talks in the video about the success that MGA Controls are having within the water and wastewater industry. Their exclusive innovative range of WIMES approved Val-Matic resilient hinge and recoil resilient hinge check valves, known as Swingflex and Surgebuster will assist the industry..

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