27 Nov 18
In this article, MGA discusses the key factors to consider with regards to pneumatic cylinder selection. Covering basic knowledge like the working principle of pneumatic cylinders to more advanced theories like as pneumatic cylinder calculation formula, this guide will provide key insight for your decision-making process. The working principle of pneumatic cylinders There are many industrial applications..
20 Nov 18
At MGA Controls, we can provide you with an array of pneumatic accessories for every occasion. No matter what your application, we have a range of pneumatic accessories that suit every plant and process. In this article, we will outline the variety of pneumatic fittings we offer, including Norgren pneumatic cylinder accessories, tubing and fittings. Norgren pneumatic cylinder accessories Norgren have..

Posted in Norgren, Pneumatics, Process

04 Sep 17
Pressure relief valves are a type of safety valve that are commonly used to protect a system and the people operating it. Whereas pressure regulators take incoming line pressure and regulates it down to the pressure that is required by the downstream system. Pressure Regulators can be used for reasons of safety and/or cost. Both of these valves are very important to its specific application. In this..
01 Sep 17
Norgren UK are a leading pneumatic cylinder manufacturer. They produce products including Pneumatic Cylinders, Process Valves and Air service equipment. The IMI Norgren Group also includes brands such as Buschjost, Herion and Watson Smith. And provides the market-place with a “one-stop shop” for all pneumatic valves and controls. MGA Controls are proud to be official Norgren UK distributors...

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