04 Feb 19
When considering non-slam valves for severe and demanding applications, nozzle check valves should be your first port of call. The high-performance characteristics of this nozzle type check valve can assure optimal flow control in even the toughest environments. In this article, MGA Controls explains how nozzle check valves work and the benefits they offer users. What is a nozzle check valve? A type..

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04 Dec 18
There are several different types of solenoid valve body materials that make some solenoid valves chemically resistant. At MGA Controls, we supply a range of chemical resistant solenoid valves for an array of applications and processes. Chemical resistant solenoid valves are imperative to industries that utilise aggressive media and are located in harsh and corrosive environments. In this article,..

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07 Aug 17
Most people don’t realise the importance and extensity of shut off valves. They are a common application used in homes and businesses across the whole of the UK. They are designed for the safe management of liquids, gases and air for use in many hydraulic, pneumatic, instrumentation and aerospace applications. Therefore, understanding their uses and choosing the correct shut off valve for your application..

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24 Apr 17
Check valves are designed to allow media to flow in one direction whilst preventing back flow and minimising the chance of leakage. There are various check valve types and in our latest article, MGA Controls discusses the check valve types and applications. Types of check valves There are six different check valve types, all designed to operated effectively in different applications. Below we offer..
22 Apr 17
Both resilient hinge and lever swing check valves are non-return valve types. They are both used in the water and wastewater industries, in order to prevent back-flow of liquid or gaseous media to protect the pump from damaging water hammer. Here, MGA Controls looks at the difference between a resilient hinge and swing type NRV. Types of check valves Resilient hinge and weight and lever swing are..

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18 Apr 17
Val-Matic are leading check valve manufacturers, specialising in water and wastewater applications. Based in Chicago, their products have been used in applications across the globe since 1966. Here, MGA Controls discuss Val-Matic’s check valve selection. Choosing a check valve material Choosing the right material for a check valve depends on the chosen application. Commonly available in brass and..
01 Feb 17
Choosing the right type of air operated valve is extremely important, in order to increase machine efficiency. Here, we offer more information on the type of air operated valves available from MGA Controls, from leading air operated valve manufacturers. Air operated valve manufacturers At MGA Controls, we stock air operated valves from leading manufacturers, Bürkert and Buschjost. As one of the world’s..
31 Jan 17
As suppliers of a wide range of air operated valves, MGA Controls has decided to answer some of your frequently asked questions, explaining how different air operated valves function. What is an air operated valve? You may be wondering, what is an air operated valve. An air operated valve, also known as an angle seat valve is a vital component for any pneumatic circuit. The valve works to direct or..
21 Apr 16
Safety valves offer vital protection to personnel and expensive machine parts, which is why MGA Controls recommends Herion safety valves for the ultimate in safety standards. Whether for mechanical or pneumatic presses, amusement park facilities, emergency brake systems, handling systems or robots, process control or special machines, Herion has a safety valve to suit the application and protect people..
29 Mar 16
IP converters for gas can be valuable tools in controlling the flow of gas in applications such as gas distribution networks. By controlling the output pressure of the gas, they can deliver the correct gas volumes precisely where it is needed for use. This can not only save on gas costs, it is also valuable in terms of safety by preventing potentially dangerous gas from venting to the environment...

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